Technology Aids Relevancy

Technology Aids Relevancy

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On a recent family weekend in Munich, while visiting friends on the occasion of my Godson’s confirmation, I experienced first-hand how important it is to understand your audience and keep up with the times if you don’t want to be left behind.


About half an hour into the service (all in German, which means I did miss a lot of what was going on), a pull-up screen was placed on the altar and a pre-recorded video was shown, featuring  all the teenage kids being confirmed.


The entire congregation suddenly became more engaged and involved in the event as we were shown footage of the kids having fun with each other in the weeks leading up to their confirmation and talking about what the experience meant for them.  The soundtrack was courtesy of Coldplay and Beyoncé.


In spite of the fact that language was partly a barrier for me, I felt drawn to the action on screen. The priest got my full attention.


I left the service thinking that whoever was in charge of that little church knew exactly how to talk to an audience and to attract and possibly retain young blood by using a medium they naturally relate to.


It was as great example of how to use video for a successful ‘marketing campaign’. The priest knew his audience and knew exactly how to engage with them. We could all learn a lesson here – customers change and we need to adapt and change with them.