We're passionate about the climate emergency

We are a sustainable and commercial organisation.

We want to combine our passion for the climate emergency with a practical standard approach to our events that will help our clients to save money and be more environmentally efficient. We want our standards to help our agency appeal to other like-minded business organisations.

This is why we have developed our Event Sustainability Development Goals in line with UN Sustainability Goals.

We take specific interest and action towards UN Goal Numbers, 1, 2, 6 – 12, 14 & 15.

We have a detailed framework sitting behind each of our ESDGs and would love to talk more about them with you.

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Reduce Food Waste
Better delegate communication and vendor management, partnerships with charities and food donation services to better dispose of waste

Reduce Food Carbon
Mindful menu planning around food mileage and production, local sourcing and ethical plant-based culinary options

Remove Single Use Plastic
Creating innovative signage and giveaway solutions that breathe oxygen into the planet, support charities and minimise carbon

Reduce Travel Carbon
Green couriers, bikes, electric cars, travel by train and the promotion of ethical transport options

Target Inequality
Work with venues that pay staff a living wage appropriate to the city, ensure all staff are a balanced reflection of the surrounding community and treated respectfully