The many mistakes of Tom Archer

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What a shame Tom Archer doesn’t use software from Muddy Boots to track his pig feed.  If he had, so much misery could have been avoided. Muddy Boots is a customer of our client, Logi Analytics, and I’ve had fun lately learning about ‘technology in the field’.


Back to Ambridge: the news that Tom’s pigs have lost their organic status following the organic inspector’s recent visit to Bridge Farm will only make Pat and Tony’s family even more unhappy.  And honestly, they have had a bucketful to be sad about lately.  If only Tom hadn’t taken his eye off the ball, or had invested in Muddy Boots mobile software that enables agri-businesses to manage and maintain quality assurance and compliance throughout the food supply chain. Then even with so much on his mind, Tom’s organic status could have been maintained.


OK, maybe I am confusing fact with fiction, and perhaps Tom’s operation – even with his ready meals factored in – could be managed without Muddy Boots.  But for retail giants such as Marks & Spencer and Waitrose, a software system that gives visibility throughout the food supply chain identifying not only which grower has produced a crop but also which individual field-bed it came from and which pesticides and fertilisers have been used is invaluable.  And for growers, whose production can be stopped virtually overnight for something administrative such as a labelling issue, Muddy Boots is the system of choice.


Trust in the quality of a product is paramount to food producers and retailers.  Regular listeners to The Archers will, of course, remember the E coli outbreak at Bridge Farm in 2011, and be well aware of the damage to consumer confidence it brought to the ice cream.  Not only did it eventually cause the end of the Bridge Farm brand, but it also brought a £10,000 penalty for Pat and Tony from Underwoods.


Mind you, with Tom making Rob Titchener his confidante while he was in exile in Wales – I fear that even with the right technology solution – his judgement would eventually let him down.