Go on, delight someone today

Go on, delight someone today

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Low cost airline, Jet2, really embraced International Random Acts of Kindness Week recently.  It was delightful to watch the video of surprised passengers returning to Leeds Bradford from Alicante, to find a personalised gift waiting for them.


Passengers had been asked during the check-in process at Alicante, what they had missed most about home while they were away.  Then, while the flight was returning to the UK, Jet2 staff sourced and wrapped gifts according to the list of missed items, which were waiting for the travellers on the luggage carousel in Arrivals at Leeds Bradford.  You can check out the happy faces as they opened their presents, which included tea gift sets and pet pampering vouchers here:  https://www.youtube.com/user/Jet2flights


It got me thinking, what is it that delights us today? Not just in business, but any area of life?


Recently, I called my bank to complain when a transaction had not been made.  It was the second time this had happened, and I didn’t think it was my fault.  It was though, and the call was handled well by the banking advisor.  A couple of days later, I received a letter explaining why the transaction hadn’t taken place, and what I could do in future to avoid it happening.  I wasn’t expecting a letter, in fact the opening paragraph confirmed that I wasn’t expecting it, but the tone of the letter was just right and acknowledged the frustration I must have experienced.   I felt understood and – well, delighted.  So delighted, that I rang the bank to congratulate the writer of the letter.  He was surprised to hear from me, and told me that my call had made his day.  That brought a smile to both our faces.


At an event recently, the CEO of a national logistics company explained when he writes to congratulate or thank a customer, employee or supplier he does it in handwriting, using a fountain pen.  Maybe it’s a small thing, but I bet it hits the spot more than an email.


And what does this mean to businesses today?  Well, I bet Jet2 has some pretty loyal customers now – and I’ve no intention of moving my bank account.  Roll on the day energy suppliers adopt the same principle.


Go on, delight someone today and enjoy the smile.